Teal Economy Group is sponsoring “Making Sustainable Plastics a reality”

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Summary: Teal Economy Group is sponsoring “Making Sustainable Plastics a reality”

 A broad cross section of experts will present a half day Masterclass on innovation, manufacturing and supply chains for plastics in a sustainable economy.    January 7, 2024 12 PM to 6PM at the University of Nevada Las Vegas Student Union, 4505 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89154 

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Las Vegas, Nevada/USA – January 7, 2024:  The Teal Economy Group, in collaboration with Strategyn, will be sponsoring an inaugural Masterclass at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  The half day event “Making Sustainable Plastics a Reality” focuses on challenges and solutions in sustainable materials commercialization.

The world is currently facing a pressing need for new sustainable materials.  Innovators are driving forward to create new Green Biosourced and Blue Economies.  New ideas and technology are rapidly emerging to emphasize recyclability, biodegradation, sustainable sourcing, reduced energy consumption and circular economics.  These new Green and Blue innovation ecologies fuel new supply chains, melding into a new “Teal Economy”.

Our First Master class focuses on plastics, an area with both huge potential for sustainable solutions, and significant challenges and innovations in lifecycle management.  “Making Sustainable Plastics a Reality” brings together several very different real world perspectives and experienced professionals to provide a window into the possibilities and needs in this area.

Innovation is difficult, necessary, and a driver for so much good change.  

There are challenges that face innovators and new technologies as they progress from a marketplace of ideas into real markets.  Many innovative teams face a make or break moment when they start to scale up new technologies.  They need to leverage existing manufacturing approaches to avoid costly and long process development and custom manufacturing.  

Pilot testing and Manufacturing are the “Valley of Death” for too many promising technologies. Sometimes the Valley of Death is an extremely challenging chasm, other times it is merely a gap that can be bridged with a few handshakes and shared knowledge.

During “Making Sustainable Plastics a Reality” experts who have worked in the Valley of Death will present their experience based insights into how to get innovative materials made.  We will consider strengths and risks of innovators and partners, how to leverage existing manufacturing and market needs, a clearer picture new technologies and their readiness for supply chains.

The Teal Economy Group hosts events that highlight under-served industrial segments with an outsized impact on sustainability and carbon reduction.  Our conferences, Masterclasses and other resources bring real world expertise and structured information together, driving attendees to actionable insights. 

Registration:. https://tealeconomy.org/homepage/masterclassjan7-2024/

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