The Teal Economy Group is a Network of Industry Experts, Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Advisors who all share a singular purpose:  

We want to help sustainable businesses and technologies succeed.

Our principles

Ideals grounded in Reality

The best solutions are ideals wedded to good ideas, paths to accomplish them, and measurable impacts. We believe that good change comes about when we approach great ideas with an understanding of existing practices, know-how, and infrastructure. By leveraging what exists now, we can move forward.

Materials Agnostic

There are different classes of materials, each with their own uses, strengths, and drawbacks. Metals, ceramics, plastics, biosourced materials all offer significant potential for reuse, recycling and degradability. Each also presents unique engineering challenges and opportunities. By considering the whole picture, we can find the best materials and most sustainable approaches.

Innovation Advocacy

Innovation and new technologies can bring us into a future that is humane, technology rich and sustainable.

Respect Human Needs

There are a lot of people on Earth, all of whom deserve good lives. We believe in picking paths towards solutions that are mindful of human well-being as well as the ecosystems we inhabit.

Our Team

grayscale headshot Valluzzi
Dr. Regina Valluzzi, Founding Member

Dr. Regina Valluzzi has an unusually varied experience of the workplace.  Dr. Valluzzi is an inventor and coinventor of a number of patents, author of dozens of peer reviewed technical papers and an accomplished public speaker and communicator of science innovation processes.  She founded a VC funded start-up, ENS, in 2003 to commercialize her inventions.  During her tenure as Chief Scientific Officer, she was the point person for all external communications.  She coordinated Business and Applications Development in addition to managing the R&D and Engineering programs at ENS.  Her additional experience includes “solopreneurship” in the creative fields, small business experience and consulting.  For the past several years her focus has been on Science communications and on mentoring other Start-up founders.

Michelle Legatt, Founding Member

Michelle Legatt has driven sustainability initiatives at several large consumer product companies.  Led by her passion for the environment, she progressed from research chemist to product developer to sustainability specialist.  In these roles, she developed sustainable materials and processes that reduced the environmental impact of several major consumer products. Her technical approach is informed by her early career at 3M, where she applied her chemistry and material science degrees to technology and product development roles. Michelle then leveraged those experiences at Patagonia and Hasbro to develop and implement sustainable materials and processes.   Her insights were instrumental to reimagine Hasbro’s Playskool, Play-Doh & NERF products, and incorporate more sustainable materials across Patagonia’s portfolio. Michelle has co-authored six granted patents and is a certified facilitator of the FORTH Innovation Methodology.

Our Network of Consultants

Meet our professionals and experts.

Dr. Gene Kim, Strategyn

Dr. Kim has 20+ years of technical and commercial experience in several markets such as advanced materials, electronics, automotive, energy, consumer, industrial, cosmetics, bio/medical, filtration, semiconductors. Dr. Kim is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and served as an adjunct professor at Florida International University, and as an Industrial Advisory Board member at Missouri University of Science and Technology and Auburn University. He is also the co-founder of the Global Summit for Advanced Manufacturing.

Kimberly Mauser, Sourcing Specialist
Kimberly Mauser

Kimberly Mauser is a sustainable packaging consultant and speaker with 10 years combined experience in procurement, supply chain and sustainability. 


Our Advisors

Meet our professionals and experts.

Dr. Ken Laverdure, Estee Lauder

Dr. Ken Laverdure is currently a Fellow in Sustainability and Materials Science at Estee Lauder.  His career has given him unique insights into how Sustainable materials supply chains can be pieced together to support sustainable materials and packaging development.  He has extensive experience in Engineering and Project management, sourcing, Industrial collaborations and deal-making.  Throughout his career he has been active as a formal and informal mentor to promising junior colleagues from numerous areas that intersect his own wide ranging interests and professional activities.  He has a rare breadth of knowledge and critical degree of specialization in green processes and sustainability.  He has built and refined complex Industrial processes and collaborations.  He holds several Industrial patents in addition to peer reviewed and trade publications.  

He has been awarded a PepsiCo Chairman’s Award, a DuPont innovation Award, and a “R&D 100 Award” for “One of the 100 Technologically Significant New Products of the Year”.